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Article as appears in Plane & Pilot, December 2000

Check The Fine Print

In a follow-up to the article we did in 1999 about the fun of shopping for a life insurance policy that doesn't discriminate against pilots, we shopped rates again this year. You may remember we told you that many pilots who think their life insurance policies include flying activities could be in for a big surprise when they read the fine print and realize there's an aviation exclusion on their policy. We did our own informal comparison of four major insurance companies - AOPA, Pilot Insurance Center (PIC), Quotesmith ( and Selectquote, asking for a 20-year fixed-term policy.

AOPA ( was eliminated right off the bat because it only offers a 10-year policy. Selectquote ( did have a 20-year term policy and gave us the quotes online. However, once the follow-up call was made to tie up loose ends and we discussed the fact that we wanted a policy for a pilot, our original rates changed, suddenly making it the most expensive of the three. Quotesmith does the entire process online, with a toll-free number available for assistance. Again, the online form didn't ask about flying. After talking to a representative on the phone, the basic rate also changed dramatically. Our last call was to the Pilot Insurance Center. Once again, this year PIC offered the best deal, with no aviation exclusions. For more details, call (800) 380-8376 or log onto

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