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A year of aviation applications

December 26, 2012, 11:39 am

Mobile technology has taken the aviation industry by storm; ironically, some are helping pilots avoid storms. New mobile offerings have revamped the way in which pilots fly aircraft and how students learn to do so.

In the most recent announcement, Digital Aviation released the Radio Navigation Simulator Student edition Instrument Navigation Trainer for Pilots. The technology is available for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and includes all the instrument panels a student pilot needs for Instrument Flight Rules training.

The simulator is in 2D and allows students and current pilots to practice and streamline the use of VOR, DME and ADF instruments, radios and other displays. The app allows the user to zoom in to a single beacon or set of beacons, position the aircraft in different locations and see how the needles respond.

Additional features include scalable chart with facilities, idents and aircraft symbols, as wells as full chart management, an airspeed range of 60 to 600 knots, altitude management and display and popup toolbars and icons to manage chart facilities.

Earlier this month, Satcom Direct launched FlightDeck 360, a mobile application that allows users to see real-time flight data, as well as utilize datalink communications while flying with an iPad. FlightDeck 360 is available at the App Store and is compatible with all iPads.

“FlightDeck 360 allows aircraft of all sizes to view flight critical data in real time and experience the benefits of datalink communications while in-flight,” said Scott Hamilton, vice president, Strategic Development at Satcom Direct. "And you only need an Internet connection to use the app. It offers cost savings to customers, because you don’t have to upgrade your cockpit to an on-board flight management system."

Earlier this year ATP launched the HubConnect Document Management App and Mobile Service for the iPad, allowing subscribers to access a library of maintenance publications, regulatory documents and pilot operating handbooks.

“We developed this app in collaboration with our customers and OEM partners to meet the growing demand for an iPad solution that provides mobile and offline access to aircraft technical documents, regulatory publications and pilot operating handbooks,” said Oleg Zhoglo, ATP product manager. “The advantage of the HubConnect App is that subscribers to the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service can now access their content subscriptions out in the field, or in the cockpit, without requiring an internet connection.”

No matter how technologically advanced a cockpit becomes, Pilots in the general aviation community are always encouraged to obtain pilot life insurance.

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