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Aviation conference focuses on Army technology

April 4, 2012, 07:35 pm

The U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence commanding general recently announced at the opening of the 2012 Army Aviation Association of America conference that the outlook on Army aviation is optimistic. The general, Anthony Crutchfield, said the Army is making changes to the aviation program now that many service men and women are returning home from the Middle East.

At the conference, more than 1,000 members of the Army aviation community and commercial aviation industry heard Crutchfield's announcement. One of the largest changes on the horizon for the Army is the use of new technology and resources to stay sharp and ready for future conflict while preserving combat readiness.

At the 2011 conference, Crutchfield introduced the Army's AimPoint 2030 vision. Crutchfield said by the year 2030 the Army hopes to have a strong, capable aviation population with future vertical lift for faster, lethal, reduced logistical footprint, expanded ranges and other features. In the last 12 months, the Army started to make strides toward its 2030 goal, specifically working towards achieving future reconnaissance attack and vertical maneuver missions, organizing into easily deployable and adaptable formations, deploying advanced aircraft technology and reducing the aviation sustainment footprint.

The 2012 aviation campaign aims to build off the 2030 goals with new guidelines on how they will be achieved. Crutchfield anticipates all future efforts to have measurable output with regards to training, sustaining and modernizing the Army's aviation force.

"This campaign plan uses the simplicity of (that) for the basis of everything that we write," Crutchfield said. "All the objectives and all the tasks are rooted in those three things."

In addition, Major General William Crosby from the Army Aviation branch recently announced the U.S. Army hopes to deploy a new line of scout helicopters, and will demonstrate the new aircrafts this summer. After receiving approval from the Defense Acquisitions Board, the Army will start planning its flying demonstrations of potential candidates for its Armed Aerial Scout requirement later this month., Shephard Media reported.

The demonstrations aim to help the Army identify what needs must be met with the new aircrafts, to aid in their purchasing decision. Candidate aircrafts will go through an army flight test instrumentation presenting common scenarios the aircrafts would experience on a mission. The procurement of the aircrafts is part of the 2030 campaign plan to implement redesigned, new equipped and effectively manned soldiers in the future, Shephard Media reported.

As the Army protects our freedom, pilot insurance can protect against financial hardship and aircraft damage.

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