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Boeing launches research center in Brazil

April 25, 2012, 08:21 am

Boeing recently announced it will be creating a research and technology center in San Paulo, Brazil, to develop new aerospace technologies. The airplane manufacturer has been working with companies in Brazil since 1932, and plans to further strengthen these relationships by launching the new facility in South America.

As new technology aims to keep aviation on the cutting-edge of technology, pilot insurance aims to keep the skies safe for future innovation in air transport.

The facility in San Paulo is expected to concentrate on research and developments in sustainable aviation biofuels, advanced air traffic management and advanced metals and bio-material production. Boeing said it selected Brazil as the facility's location because the Latin American market is one of the fastest-growing commercial aviation markets in the world. The company expects to collaborate with Brazilian research and development organizations and governmental agencies on the projects, as well as private sector companies and universities.

The purpose of the facility is to experiment with and develop technology related to sustainable aviation biofuels. It will also focus on innovations in air traffic management, and biomaterials. It will open later this year, and will be the sixth overseas investment Boeing has made in research and development efforts. The company already has research centers established in Europe, Australia, India, China and Russia.

In addition, Boeing Defense, Space and Security, the company's annual professional forum and exposition, was recently held highlighting aviation platforms that Boeing and other organizations are working on to further progress aviation technology.

The event included in-person displays of new products and aircrafts, interactive demonstrations such as the virtual maintenance trainer and advanced crew station, tactical intelligence sessions, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions. The event focused on integrated training and logistics solutions that can be applied across numerous defense and security agencies in the United States. Attendees can browse and participate in displays of aviation, training, support and technology solutions with a defense-focus.

"Boeing continues to drive innovation and affordability in the development of products and services that meet our customers' expectations," said James Moran, Boeing vice president of Army Systems. "We are committed to strong support of Army Aviation and soldiers with the solutions required to fulfill mission requirements today and tomorrow."

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