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FlyQ app now available on Android devices

August 31, 2012, 02:13 pm

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associaton's FlyQ is a suite of digital flight planning products for the benefit of the general aviation community. The app provides flight planning and other pertinent information to a computer, iPhone, iPad and now to Android devices.

"Our members have been asking that we release an Android version of the app," said Chris Ward, AOPA’s vice president. "We launched the Apple edition of FlyQ Pocket earlier this year, and we are pleased to now make it available on another popular platform."

The suite, which is free to AOPA members, offers safety quizzes and provides information on what else the AOPA is doing for the aviation community. Participants can also enter daily drawings for a chance to win Aircraft Spruce gift cards.

The application was developed in partnership with Seattle Avionics and includes AOPA Airport directory information, offering details on more than 5,300 public-use facilities, 7,000 fixed-based operations and aviation-related businesses, as well as more than 55,000 restaurants, attractions and transportation services.

FlyQ also gives pilots national, regional and local weather information, which includes surface observations, forecasts and radar. In addition, based on the various flight planning factors, the application will optimize the flight path for the pilot.

Delkin also released new technology for the aviation community, with its Fat Gecko Co-Pilot, allowing pilots to photograph their flights with a hands-free camera that is mounted inside aircraft for a view of the cockpit and the flight path ahead.

"Today the Delkin name is associated with paramount quality, professionalism and most importantly innovation, serving both industrial and consumer markets worldwide," reads the company's website. "In the past decade, the company has paid particular attention to the professional photography industry, but manufactures accessories to be used across digital SLR and point and shoot cameras, mobile phones, PCs, notebooks, music players and even gaming consoles."

The new Fat Gecko Co-Pilot features a retractable telescoping bar that fits into numerous cockpits and stays holding, even in cold temperatures, pressure changes and turbulence.

Any camera can fit on the standard tripod and once mounted can be adjusted to shoot up, down, sideways and even in reverse. The Fat Gecko Co-Pilot is available for $99.99.

Any pilots considering these recent additions to their aviation supplies should also look into pilot life insurance.

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