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Garmin offers upgrades for GTN series

July 20, 2012, 01:04 pm

Garmin recently rolled out new capabilities for its GTN series touchscreen avionics. The technology company will be showing off a new digital radar and two new ABS-B products at AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, as well as upgrades to its GTN navigators.

“The GTN series were designed with a growth-oriented architecture that allows for new technologies and expanded capabilities to be accommodated via software updates,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing.

Weather radar to debut
The device now includes onboard weather surveillance for pilots. The GTN 750 can use Garmin's GWX 68 or the Doppler-ready GWX 70.The technology provides live-action weather right on the moving map page, improving on the pilot's situational awareness.

Advanced ADS-B capabilities coordinate traffic
Company officials stated that not only will pilots have technology to satisfy ADS-B Out requirements, but the GTN offers advanced ADS-B traffic features and free weather information in U.S. airspace located through ADS-B In. Notable traffic features include TargetTrend relative motion technology, which coordinates traffic with the direction of the aircraft, allowing pilots to foresee potential aircraft. SURF technology offers a similar system, providing airport diagrams that show taxiing aircraft and ground vehicles through Garmin SafeTaxi. The pilot can even click on the object and it will calculate closure rate and how fast the vehicle is moving on the ground.

Connection around the globe
Pilots have METARs, TAFs and winds on the worldwide weather information provided by the GTN. Satellite and radar images are available in the U.S., Southern Canada, Australia and Western Europe. The GTN also allows pilots to make phone calls and send text messages and emails via SMS while in the aircraft's cockpit.

GTN and GNS cross referencing
Pilots with both the GTN and WAAS GNS 430W/530W will be able to cross fill information on each device, avoiding duplicate displays of information. A portion of the flight path can be transferred from the GTN to the active GNS flight plan, and vice versa.

3-D audio and telligence offer voice recognition
The GTN now has the Telligence voice command along with 3-D Audio. The pilot can voice commands to the Telligence Voice-Recognition technology and the GTN will carry out the task. With 3-D audio, pilots can fixate their attention on a single talker within multiple conversations on incoming audio.

Pilots considering the new GTN upgrades should also look into pilot life insurance because no matter how advanced technology becomes, unforeseen conditions can affect the flight and loved ones on the ground.

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