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GE flight paths tested in Peru

February 28, 2012, 11:01 am

LAN Airlines recently flew the first continuously guided flight in Latin America using performance-based navigation technology developed by General Electric. Part of the Green Skies of Peru Project, LAN is working with GE Aviation, regulator DGAC and air navigation provider CORPAC to create efficient and predictable flight paths throughout the region to reduce emissions and increase capacity.

The collaboration aims to modernize obsolete airspace infrastructure in Peru to match the technology and capabilities of modern aircraft systems seen elsewhere in the world. By using a continuous performance-based navigation program, airlines can create additional predictability and continuity throughout an entire flight path. Prior to the milestone, Peru airlines were using a single performance-based navigation system for arrival and departure separately, and dealing with operational challenges at individual airports.

“GE and the Green Skies of Peru team have demonstrated that future air traffic management concepts are attainable today,” said Giovanni Spitale, general manager of GE Aviation’s PBN Services. “PBN programs like this take dedication and teamwork to ensure that benefits are achievable by all stakeholders.”

According to GE, the performance-based navigation systems will save participating airlines an average 19 track miles, 6.3 minutes, 450 pounds of fuel and 1,420 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per flight. The new flight paths will also increase airline capacity, while reducing the carbon footprint of airlines and airport facilities. The technology can provide more accurate lateral and vertical arrival and departure guidance management variance and flow. This will enable controllers to benefit from the users in the region.

Jorges Vilches, CEO of LAN Peru, said deploying the GE technology is part of the airlines' strategy to improve efficiency, safety and sustainability through fuel efficiency, technological advancement and collaboration solutions. With heightened training, certifications and other requirement such as pilot insurance, LAN hopes to make the skies safer while harming the environment less.

The United Press International reported in the first year of deployment, the GE technology was able to prevent flight cancellations or delays for more than 30,000 passengers flying LAN Peru. The technology is able to define flight paths without ground-based, radio-navigation signals. The flight paths can be designed to shorten the distance of a trip and reduce fuel burn and noise pollution. Both air traffic congestion and flight delays can be alleviated with the new solutions. Since 2003, GE has designed and deployed more than 345 performance-based navigation systems around the world.

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