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LightSquared wireless network in jeopardy

June 2, 2011, 02:40 pm

After testing its wireless broadband system in Nevada last month, LigthSquared has discovered that their network could interfere with GPS systems, according to The Wall Street Journal. The system uses a frequency that is similar to GPS' and experts fear it may be overpowering.

The company was hoping to install 40,000 antennas across the U.S., providing wireless Internet service, AVweb.com reports. This recent glitch in the system could mean trouble for their ability to receive approval from the Federal Communications Commission, the paper reports.

GPS systems are used for navigation and location purposes in vehicles and aircrafts. Their inability to operate could put people's lives at risk and cause pilots life insurance rates to increase. There is also concern among defense and public-safety agencies, who use GPS for search and rescue missions, according to the WSJ.

Company officials have recognized the fact that their system could knock out GPS services, but says they have developed technology that can be put in place to fix this problem.

"LightSquared and GPS can and will be able to coexist peacefully," Jeff Carlisle, LightSquared's executive vice president for regulatory affairs and public policy, told the news source. "We're committed to identifying and resolving the issues through this process." 

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