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New pilot technology from Hilton Software

December 24, 2012, 06:58 pm

Technologies for pilots have come out this year in swarms, as cockpits for the general aviation community are now being supported by mobile devices.

In the latest advancement, Hilton Software recently released is WingX Pro7, which features the company's SmartTaxi, Search and Rescue Grids, and Search Patterns. SmartTaxi, patented several years ago, has now made the shift toward offerings on the iPhone and iPad.

The WingX Pro7 effectively displays the runway and provides distance remaining in real time. Technology of this type has been encouraged by the National Transportation Safety Board as a way to enhance flight safety by offering pilots improvements in the awareness of their positions. Company officials said the system is compatible with 10 WiFi ADS-B receivers, including the new XGPS170 Bluetooth ADS-B receiver

“With runway incursions becoming an increasing issue, SmartTaxi is a great feature,” said Greg Lukins, vice president of business development for Dual Electronics. "The WAAS GPS in the XGPS170 and XGPS150 ensures that SmartTaxi keeps you accurately informed of your position."

Dynon also recently released Version 5.0 for its SkyView Integrated Glass Panel System. When used alongside the newly released SV-ADSB-470 UAT Band Traffic and Weather Receiver, pilots will have ADS-B based weather information.

NavWorx recently reported that it has installed the ADS600-B, NextGen transportation technology, in general aviation aircraft. This system provides pilots with updated flight information and services while in the air.

"We have done two provisional installations of the NavWorx ADS600-B in a Cessna Cardinal and a [Beechcraft] A36 Bonanza," said Dennis Sorber of Avionics 1st. "They are operating on Aspen Avionics and [Garmin] MX20 displays. Having flown these aircraft in the Dallas area, we find they provide excellent traffic info complete with bearing line."

FreeFlight also recently released the XPLORer datalink weather receiver with full ADS-­B In weather capabilities and traffic data when installed with a certified ADS-­B Out transmitter.

Like many recent innovations in the aviation industry, the XPLORER connects with suitable displays, including the iPad.

Although these tools may help increase safety while in an aircraft, pilots may still benefit from securing pilot life insurance in order to provide some financial protection for their loved ones in case of an emergency.

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