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Schools enhancing aviation offerings

May 3, 2012, 10:55 am

Bergen Community College in New Jersey recently announced it will offer aviation studies degrees to help prepare students to fill the roles in demand at the state's three major airports that employ a significant portion of the population. These degree programs will discuss numerous aviation topics such as technology, flight planning and pilot insurance.

The Record reported the school's aviation degrees will be rooted in the industry around the school. Rather than focus on teaching the content in a classroom setting, students will be able to explore behind the scenes at airports, and gain first-hand knowledge and experience from veteran aviation professionals in the state.

Taking advantage of the crowded air space and growth in aviation jobs, Bergen Community College has designed the degrees around local employers so students are equipped with employable skills and experience. The college is offering associate degrees in aircraft operations, avionics and aviation administration. The school signed a transfer agreement with Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology in Queens, New York, so students can also obtain a bachelor's degree in aeronautics, avionics or airport management after completing their work at Bergen, The Record reported.

The community college will be receiving a wind tunnel and two flight simulators for their coursework and training programs. The simulators will recreate experiences and activities aboard a Cessna 172 and for a helicopter widely used across the industry. The facilities the school will be opening to support the degree programs will also be open to private pilots in the area, The Record reported.

In addition, fifth grade students from Grove School in Shawnee, Oklahoma, were recently given a hands-on lesson in aviation history, further driving interest in the industry in young students.

The News-Star reported the students went on an interactive museum trip discussing the history of flight, profiling early pioneers in aviation history at Oklahoma Baptist University. The interactive museum was presented by OBU students in the social studies methods course as a project on new, innovative ways to bring history lessons to life. The goal of the program was to encourage college students to think outside of the box when developing lesson plans on historical factors, when presenting to tech-savvy young students.

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