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Webbies announces aviation winners

February 7, 2012, 10:52 am

The winners of the Flightglobal Webbies 2011 were recently announced, including airline ticket refund site ChangeYourFlight, an Airbus A380 advertising campaign and a mobile app from Smart Brief Cabin.

The Webbies celebrated their fourth year of celebrating the best aviation websites and social media activities in the industry. The 2011 awards included new and improved categories such as best mobile app, advertising campaign of the year, best blog, best use of social media and best website. The awards decided to add more social media and mobile technology categories as consumers are becoming more dependent on these sites and devices, prompting companies to leverage the potential of these technologies for product awareness.

ChangeYourFlight won best website of the year for its easy navigation and engaging video content. It not only entertains the user but also serves a valuable purpose of allowing travelers to substitute their ticket for another if their plans change.

The best mobile app award was granted to Smart Brief Cabin for its breadth of functionality and positive feedback from aviation crew members. The app allows aviation professionals to access cabin crew management systems from their mobile devices, adding convenience to an important task.

The best advertising campaign went to the Airbus Love A380 Love at First Flight campaign for its striking visuals and bold use of color and typography. The message in the campaign was clear and concise, while demonstrating an innovative use of cross-media platforms at air shows, in print, online and social media. The campaign received more than 5,000 comments from satisfied travelers.

Aspire Aviation won the best blog award for publishing a number of stories that demonstrate a deeper understanding of the aviation industry and delving into comprehensive industry analysis. The blog not only providers readers with thorough articles, but also offers in-depth reports with key insights into the operations of the world's largest aircraft makers.

Scandinavian Airlines snagged the best use of social media award for allowing customers to select a new summer destination to add to the company's offerings through crowdsourcing. The company used social media to poll travelers on their favorite destinations and using that data they adjusted their schedules accordingly.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited also announced award winners of the Second Annual Night Vision Awards to be held at Heli Expo in Dallas, Texas. Travis County Star Flight won the mark of excellence award, while the Texas Department of Public Safety won the community awareness award. The goal of the awards show is to increase operational safety and improve mission capabilities throughout the aviation industry, Rotor Pad reported.

Another way to improve safety is to invest in pilot insurance to protect against unexpected problems or unfavorable weather conditions.

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