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Cessna announces ProAdvantage

July 27, 2012, 11:14 am

Cessna recently reported at the Experiment Aviation Association's AirVenture that it has extended it ProAdvantage program to its Cessna Caravan line of planes, including the most recent Cessna Grand Caravan EX.

ProAdvantage is a collection of programs that look to help customers with the costs for maintenance coverage. Cessna reported that the program offers streamlined billing processes based on annual utilization. The customer is able to file for service directly from Cessna or a Cessna-authorized facility.

"ProAdvantage customers may obtain Original Equipment Manufacturer quality parts through a predictable budgeting process and may enhance the resale value of their aircraft,” read a statement by the company.

Cessna's Caravan line of products is available under the ProParts program as a part of the ProAdvantage group of programs. PropParts covers all avionic parts and airframe systems, including wheels, brakes, valves motors, actuators, gauges, instruments and the propeller. The program provides coverage for unscheduled maintenance, all mechanical components on the airframe and the avionics suite. The Caravan ProAdvantage contract lasts for three years or1,200 flight hours, with a minimum requirement of 100 hours per year.

ProAdvantage is similar to insurance for a plane, but more importantly, anyone taking to the skies should pilot insurance to cover themselves and their loved ones.

A day before AirVenture began, Bendix/King unveiled its new products, including myWingMan and a new KMA 30 Bluetooth-enabled audio panel.

MyWingMan is an in-flight navigation support application that allows enroute navigation on a moving map display, real-time weather and synthetic vision.

The synthetic vision system increases a pilot's situational awareness by providing a real-time view of the location of the aircraft in relation to surround terrain and a 3-D virtual view of the outside of the cockpit, despite cloud coverage, fog or darkness.

MyWingman also includes preflight planning, which has a Smart Routing function that provides pilots with the best and most fuel-efficient flight path and altitude. The system's weather capabilities include airborne XM satellite weather. The system seemlessly interacts with certified aircraft systems and also uses an interface that allows a pilot to use split screen displays, letting them view multiple windows of information at one time.

Company officials expect the application will be available soon, and upon its debut, they will provide a free 60-day trial application. MyWingMan will be available for an annual subscription of $99 for VFR chart capabilities and $149 for IFR chart capabilities.

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