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CSP to offer flight training for pilots in wheelchairs

August 9, 2012, 12:25 pm

Chesapeake Sport Pilot in Stevensville, Maryland, recently announced it is offering flight training to pilots who require the use of hand controls rather than traditional foot controls used to fly aircraft. The training will be on the specialized CT LS light sport airplane that the company is leasing.

“We are ecstatic about this plane that Mr. D’Aguiar has leased to us,” said Helen Woods, chief flight instructor. “It will allow us to branch into a whole new part of the aviation community by providing flight training opportunities to the many disabled veterans in the D.C. area and others who require hand controls to achieve their dream of flight.”

The plane is made from all carbon fiber and was designed by LSA and produced by Flight Design. The CT is the top-selling LSA aircraft across the country out of more than 1,800 other designs according to Woods.

CSP has 16 flight instructors, averaging nearly 10,000 flight hours who offer sport and private pilot training, sport pilot instructor training, gyroplane add-on privileges, and will soon be adding Searey seaplane transition training to the list.

In other aviation news, Eclipse Aerospace recently selected Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW610F engine for its next-generation Eclipse 550 twin-engine business jet.

The PW610F is currently in the 261 Eclipse 500 aircraft. According to Eclipse officials the engine provides exceptional reliability, efficiency and performance. There are approximately 2,000 PW600 engines in service with more than 1 million flying hours, according to David Van der Wee, vice president at Pratt & Whitney Canada.

“Powered by the PW610F engines, our Eclipse Jet has amazingly efficient fuel consumption that continues to excite our customers," said Mason Holland, CEO of Eclipse. "We look forward with equal excitement as we expand our relationship with P&WC through this agreement."

With the engine, the plane is backed by the customer service network at Pratt & Whitney Canada, which includes more than 30 service facilities, 100 field support representatives, 24/7 Customer First Centre support, diagnostic capabilities, and the largest amount of rental and exchange engines throughout the aviation market.

The advanced electronic engine control in the PW610F-powered Eclipse 550 will allow pilots to manage Full Authority Digital Engine Control, providing them dual channel redundancy, easier workloads, and operation and intelligent health monitoring and diagnostics. 

Pilots should consider pilot insurance because no matter how easy the work load, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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