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CTSi aircraft first to feature ADS-B

January 31, 2013, 01:29 pm

The Federal Aviation Administration's Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast service is part of the administration's Next Generation Air Transportation System investment to make flying more efficient. The NextGen system is the largest aviation investment in U.S. history and will replace old ground-based radar systems with global positioning systems, allowing air traffic controllers to handle more planes at once.

ADS-B provides pilots that install the new equipment free weather and traffic information. As a result, the first CTLSi model airplane has received ADS-B equipment from Dynon Avionics. The plane can now use a GPS receiver to determine its location and the location of other aircraft. 

“The new SV-ADSB-470 unit offers subscription-free weather displayed on SkyView," said Dynon company officials. "Airport weather data can be displayed for nearest airports or for a specific airport identifier. ADS-B receives traffic information with precise location, altitude, speed, and direction from broadcast from other ADS-B equipped aircraft along with data broadcast from ADS-B ground stations, presuming the aircraft is equipped with the correct transponder."

Other companies pushing ADS-B technology
In an announcement made earlier this month, the WACO YMF-5D aircraft will also follow suit, adding ADS-B technology with the new Garmin GDL 88 ADS-B data-link, Garmin GTN 750 and Garmin GTN 635 Touchscreen navigators. WACO company officials said that 60 ADS-B traffic targets are now displayed with the Garmin GDL 88 data-link. In addition, Garmin's new TargetTrend relative motion technology allows pilots to more effectively judge target trajectories and closing rates of the aircraft's position.

FreeFlight systems also made advancements in ADS-B technology, as it recently released its XPLORER receiver. The device features a datalink weather receiver with full ADS-­B In weather capabilities and traffic data when installed with a certified ADS-­B Out transmitter. Company officials added that the XPLORER can connect with Apple's iPad.

Tim Taylor, CEO of FreeFlight, said it's important aircraft owners install avionics to ensure safety and efficiency and bring them closer to NextGen compliance, as the ADS­-B deadline and installation capacity requirements are forthcoming. 

Last month, NavWorx installed the ADS600-B device in a Cessna Cardinal to comply with the NextGen system. 

"We have done two provisional installations of the NavWorx ADS600-B in a Cessna Cardinal and a [Beechcraft] A36 Bonanza," said Dennis Sorber of Avionics 1st. "They are operating on Aspen Avionics and [Garmin] MX20 displays. Having flown these aircraft in the Dallas area, we find they provide excellent traffic info complete with bearing line."

While ADS-B paves the way for a promising future in flight efficiency, pilots are reminded to obtain pilot insurance just to be safe. 

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