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Model has hand sliced off in propeller

December 6, 2011, 05:29 pm

A 23-year-old model and online fashion editor from Plano, Texas, recently walked into the propeller of a small plane slicing off her hand.

After flying around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights on houses, the plane carrying Lauren Scruggs landed at a small private airport in McKinney. ABC News reports that Scruggs exited the aircraft and somehow accidentally walked into the propeller. Emergency crews rushed Scruggs to a nearby hospital, where doctors had to remove what was left of the severed hand, as well as tend to her intense brain, face and shoulder injuries she acquired from the accident.

The New York Daily News reported the still-spinning propeller of the plane cut into the left side of Scruggs's body, requiring multiple surgeries to repair, including facial and shoulder reconstructions. An aviation specialist told the news source that coming close to a moving propeller of even a small plane can cause serious damage or death.

"If the engine is running at speed it will suck you into it, just like a jet engine will suck you into it," the expert told the source."

While the pilot was reportedly unharmed in the incident, pilot insurance could help protect him and his passengers from such accidents and the costs associated with them.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Scruggs's parents said Lauren is in stable condition at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and is making progress. The tube has been removed and she is able to speak, but is in serious discomfort and will be recovering for a long time as the extend of her brain injury has yet to be determined.

The source reported that Scruggs was not drinking at the time of the accident, which occurred at night. Scruggs's parents believe Lauren had her back to the propellers when she thanked the pilot and turned around right into the blades.

According to ABC News, Scruggs had started an online fashion magazine called "Lolo," and was a frequent contributor to the site. Her career plans might be altered, however, after the incident.

John Nance, ABC News aviation consultant, said that these types of accidents are very rare, but still underscore the importance of pilots to be clear with their safety directions and invest in pilot insurance. 

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