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Aviation expanding across the US

February 28, 2012, 03:08 pm

The Tri-Cities in Washington state is preparing to launch a biofuel center a Washington State University.

According to Senator Maria Cantwell, the Tri-Cities is an ideal spot for aviation groups to create new, cleaner alternative jet fuel. After touring the university's Richland campus, Cantwell said she was impressed with the institution's bioproducts, sciences and engineering laboratory. The facility's work inspired Cantwell to call for a new aviation biofuel research hub in the Tri-Cities, East Oregonian reported.

The Federal Aviation Administration recently passed a bill calling for the creation of a Center of Excellence in the field of biofuel research and development. Cantwell believes the local economy and community in the Tri-Cities offers an ideal location for this center to be created. Cantwell has called on the FAA to start working on the center in the Tri-Cities as soon as possible. The goal of the center will be to develop a cleaner energy source for the aviation industry. Similar work is already being conducted at the laboratory on the Richland Campus, The Bellingham Herald reported.

In addition, Mach One Air Charters recently announced it is expanding its aircraft management services for private owners of jet aircraft to help clients manage their assets more easily. Using Mach One's aircraft management services, clients can use a turn-key solution to simplify the complexities of owning a plane. The aircraft management programs are customized for each client, based on their own unique needs. The solution aims to help streamline flight operational requirements to make plane ownership easier.

"Our streamline solutions include pilot selection and hiring, maintenance program management, trip planning, scheduling, documentation and oversight of every operational phase - we bring value, exceptional service and cost savings to our client's flight operations," said Capt. Dan Hill, CEO, director flight operations at Mach One Air Charters.

According to Hill, Mach One works to pass along cost saving programs to clients, helping reduce expenses on aircraft fuel, pilot and mechanics training, plus fleet insurance rates for all managed aircraft. Pilots should also invest in pilot insurance to prepare for any mishaps in the sky. Mach One providers clients with a detailed record keeping service so each client can peruse their management system independently.

Mach One also offers aircraft owners a charter program to help them produce income with their plane, with a guaranteed monthly or quarterly income. The Guarantee Charter Revenue program aims to help stabilize cash flow and contribute to reducing an individual owner's fixed expenses.

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