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FAA considers changing light sports approval requirements

May 9, 2011, 12:54 pm

The Federal Aviation Administration is considering changing its policy concerning the approval of light sports aircraft for use, according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. The group may begin auditing all light sports manufacturers in the U.S. and overseas to ensure that the new aircraft they produce meet certain quality standards.

Though LSAs have a relatively good safety record, according to AOPA, the concern may be over the quality assurance issues that could arise from LSA manufacturers self-certifying that they meet safety standards.

"The FAA believes many companies could not demonstrate with all the required documentation that they were in full compliance. Therefore, it is in a manufacturer's best interest to review compliance with ASTM standards. While FAA’s initial plan appears to be a review of any new SLSA, it is possible the FAA will also review existing SLSA," Dan Johnson, president and chairman of the Light Aircraft Manufacturer's Association, told the source.

Though many aircraft have to meet rigorous standards for flight approval, there is always the potential for an unforeseeable mechanical failure resulting from a defect, poor maintenance or some other issue. Should an aviator encounter one of these problems and perish as a result, life insurance for pilots may assist them in providing for their families or covering other expenses they leave behind. 

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