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Cessna releases new app at Apple Store

September 17, 2012, 02:59 pm

Cessna recently announced that their Citation Performance Calculator is now available at the Apple App Store. The company said that the app is availble for current Citation business jets and other out-of-production Citations and Cessna 208 Cafavans.

“The new Cessna CPCalc app unquestionably gives us, as pilots, the ability to maximize the performance of our aircraft in conjunction with a tool like the iPad,” said Steve Workman, Cessna flight operations manager. “We don’t have to round up, round down, or interpolate the data. The app allows us to demonstrate all our models to their maximum capability.”

The CPCalc allows pilots to efficiently utilize takeoff and landing data and determine engine-out performance, taking into consideration minimum climb gradients and user-inputted obstacles.

"CPCalc is easier, faster, and often provides better field performance and higher takeoff weights than the AFM data,” said Ross Schoneboom, Cessna flight operations manager. “It is an excellent tool for determining engine-out performance, taking into consideration user-inputted obstacles or minimum climb gradients.”

The app also does not require an internet connection to perform the calculations. It is FAA-approved for its PC version and is currently in the process of gaining approval for the iPad. Cessna released the app in April and has reported more than 2,000 downloads.

Cessna is also currently working on a third application, the Electronic Operating Manual, which plans routes for pilots, calculates trip time, fuel and distance all using airport and navaid databases.

With the advancement of aviation technology, more companies are introducing applications to meet pilots needs and utilize digital devices, in place of paper.

Cockpit Apps just released its iLog application for the iPad, allowing pilots to improve logging accuracy and save time and money, all without having to waste paper for every entry. The application monitors pilots' flight time, VOR checks and RVSM altimeter settings. It records squawks and engine, airframe and component times and allows pilots to electronically sign the documents at the end of a day.

The Cockpit app is one of many released this year to streamline pilots' efficiency in the cockpit. Throughout this year, Garmin released its Pilot app, providing subscription free weather and ADS-B datalink traffic information, Zululog released its own version of a standalone log book, CFI Tools increased functions of its CFI Tools Flight Recorder and Boeing released its Milestones in Innovation Application.

Pilots looking for new technology to improve efficiency should consider pilot life insurance, to cover loved ones in the event of an emergency.

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