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CFI Tools releases universal app

February 28, 2013, 10:35 am

As more pilots are looking to streamline their cockpit, mobile applications have become more popular, particularly for weather and air traffic features. 

In the latest announcement regarding apps, CFI Tools has recently released the mobile application know as CFI Tools General Aviation 1.01. The app was put out in CFI Tools' catalog and consolidates a number of well known apps into one easy to use system. Company officials noted that as a result of the release of the new universal app, nine existing apps have been retired because all their features are now combined. 

Brian Best, owner of CFI Tools, said the company is pleased to release the new general aviation application. 

"We have built this upgrade to consolidate years of experience with these aviation Apps," Best said. "We hope the restructured pricing scheme allows more users to take advantage of this experience. And we also hope it allows us to continue providing Apps on this platform for years to come."

Best added that the upgrades to the app were a direct response to comments and requests by the pilots who use them. 

In addition to new weather features, the app now includes Weight & Balance, Takeoff & Landing Distance, Nearest, Crosswind Calculator, Holds, and VOR.

SocialFlight app released
CFI Tools is not the only aviation company creating apps to increase pilot efficiency. While many believe the general aviation industry will continue to grow, one company is looking to increase communication and promotion with a mobile application and website. Jason Simon and Jason Clemens recently co-founded SocialFlight, a new mobile app and website that will help pilots with any information pertaining to general aviation events throughout the year. 

Company officials note that the app will serve as a one-stop destination for anything general aviation, including a database of every fly-in, air show, pancake breakfast, safety seminar and event you can think of pertaining to general aviation. 

"SocialFlight maps out all of the events and motivates us to get out there and enjoy them," said Rob Holland, world renowned aerobatic performer and part of the SocialFlight beta test group. "It's the first app I've seen that actually promotes general aviation and fosters our community. SocialFlight is intuitive, user-friendly, and will really energize GA flying by answering the age old question: Where am I going to fly today?"

Pilots planning on flying to a number of general aviation events this year should always remember to never fly without pilot life insurance to ensure their family's financial future. 

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