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Cockpit Apps releases iLog

September 5, 2012, 03:45 pm

The market for aviation applications continues to grow more with new technology infiltrating pilot's cockpits from the touch of their smartphone or tablets. The most recent innovation came from Cockpit Apps, a company that specializes in cockpit solutions for the iPad.

Cockpit Apps announced its iLog application, which provides pilots an alternative to the standard pen and paper flight logs, streamlining efficiency and reducing the amount of work for pilots during and after their flights.

Company officials argue the Federal Aviation Administration compliant application not only saves time and money, while improving logging accuracy, but it also helps the environment by no longer wasting paper for every log entry.

The app monitors the pilot's day, including flight time, VOR checks and RVSM altimeter settings. It is also set up to record squawks and engine, airframe and component times. Pilots and crews can electronically sign the documents at the end of the day.

"iLog is intuitive and easy to use, following a natural progression through your entire duty day, tracking duty time, flight hours, fuel and other items required for the flight log," reads the Cockpit Apps website. "At the end of the day, simply print or send your electronic flight logs to your operations department.

iLog has been in development for more than six months and was developed by Cockpit Apps President Robert Creek, who developed the app for his own personal benefit before releasing it to the public.

“Pilots on everything from a Gulfstream 550 all the way to a Cessna 152 are using the iPad these days,” said Creek. "We’ve just scratched the surface with respect to using the device’s full capabilities. The iPad is having a tremendously positive impact on flight operations, both in terms of efficiency and saving money.”

Just this year, Garmin released its Pilot app which provides pilots with subscription-free weather and ADS-B datalink traffic information, CFI tools added to its aviation application with its CFI Tools Flight Recorder, Zululog.com released its own version of a stand alone logbook and Boeing released its Milestones in Innovation application. Even more recently ApDev released its new smartphone application, VORILS, which helps pilots who use VHF omnidirectional radio range and Instrument Landing Systems procedures.

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