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Garmin Pilot app adds new features

August 16, 2012, 12:56 pm

Garmin recently announced new features for the Garmin Pilot application, including support for the GDL 39 portable ADS-B. Garmin Pilot can display subscription-free weather and ADS-B datalink traffic information when paired with a GDL 39.

“Garmin Pilot now offers more valuable, safety-enhancing information than ever before,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “ADS-B weather and traffic, high-integrity GPS position information and capabilities like split-screen have all been integrated to provide the best picture of the pilot’s operational environment – from the time the flight plan is filed to the time the aircraft lands and everywhere in between.”

The GDL 39 combines an ABS-B receiver and GPS receiver into one, allowing for weather information to be continuously broadcast wirelessly through a built-in Bluetooth connection.  ADS-B traffic information and alerts warn pilots of potential conflicts, providing them with more comprehensive flight paths.

The application is the first Garmin product, through the integration of ADS-B and GDL 39, to support the display of advanced traffic awareness features like TargetTrend relative motion technology. TargetTrend allows pilots to visualize and foresee threats to their aircraft with an instantaneous view of traffic with no interpretation needed.

The iOS version of the app now includes split-screen capabilities, allowing pilots to view multiple charts simultaneously on the display, including SafeTaxi, the Panel Page, weather widgets or active navlog.

For Android devices, the Garmin Pilot includes a number of new capabilities, including support for the Baron MobileLink for XM weather reception and the ability to graphically edit flight plans on the moving map page.

The app is available for a free download for the first 30 days but is then offered for a limited-time price of $49.99 per year, down from the regular price of $99.99.
Garmin is not the only company making strides in aviation technology. Aspen Avionics recently received Supplemental Type Certicate approval of Connected Pilot, a product line providing a wireless link between portable smart devices and certified instrument panel avionics.

Connected Pilot synchronizes application data from handheld devices, including iPads and iPhones, with the aircraft's panel.

“While Aspen has created the hardware and software environment to make the integration between smart devices and certified avionics work, it’s the Connected Panel Enabled development partners who really bring this product to life for our customers,” said Brad Hayden, an Aspen spokesman.

Connected Pilot works in more than 900 makes and models of aircraft and is available for $2,499 at authorized dealers.

Pilots utilizing either technology should first consider pilot life insurance.

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