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Latest pilot tools and technologies

February 6, 2013, 01:16 pm

The aviation community is seeing new technological advancements that look to boost pilot efficiency, safety and performance. In a recent announcement, one company has touted new technology that helps increase takeoff and climb performance. 

Sensenich recently announced that it has unveiled ground adjustable composite propellers for Van's RV aircraft. The new technology features proprietary airfoils on a semi-scimitar platform that help climbing and takeoff. The blades are constructed from carbon fiber and fiberglass and include an anodized aluminum hub. 

“We have been testing and refining this prop for three years, getting it right before introduction to the public,” said Don Rowell, President of Sensenich. “This is the first composite prop available for the RV series of aircraft that complies with the requirements of ASTM F2506, and offers a high-performance alternative for builders of Van's designs.”

Company officials also noted that there are no need for protractors to find pitch blade indexing, as both blades achieve the same pitch. The propellers will cost $3,500 and deliveries will begin in March. 

Wicks offering new O-ring kit
In another recent announcement, Wicks Aircraft is now providing a selection of O-Rings in a kit for home builders. 

“The temptation is always there to re-use things like O-rings, and the result is too-often a leaky seal,” said Scott Wick, president of the company. “Having to take time to find or order O-rings makes that temptation even greater. With our Home Builders Kit, there are lots of sizes, and lots of O-rings in each size; and it's less expensive in time and money than running to the supply shop for just a couple individual O-rings.”

The O-rings kit features 70 rings sized from 006 to 327. They come in box that keeps them easily sorted at a cost of $32.19.

EZ-VIKING crimper debuts
Adding to the list of recently released pilot technologies and supples, Platinum Tools recently released its EZ-VIKING crimp that company officials say can fulfill any crimping job. 

The EZ-VIKING provides the user with parallel action for an efficient crimp, along with leverage action to allow for a full crimp cycle and a minimum of 50,000 cycles. 

Lee Sachs, president and general manager of Platinum Tools, said the EZ-VIKING was developed to support professionals in many markets, including commercial, residential, high-end data centers, aerospace and military. The tool is on sale for $585. 

While tools and technology are without a doubt making pilots more efficient and safer while in the air, they are still encouraged to purchase pilot insurance to ensure their family's financial future. 


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