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New app for pilots

September 17, 2012, 03:09 pm

ATP has recently announced the new HubConnect Document Management App and Mobile Service for the iPad. The new app is latest addition in a wide array of applications offered to pilots for their mobile devices.

The HubConnect App and the HubConnect Mobile Service allow ATP Aviation Hub subscribers to access a library of maintenance publications, regulatory documents and pilot operating handbooks via their mobile devices.

“We developed this app in collaboration with our customers and OEM partners to meet the growing demand for an iPad solution that provides mobile and offline access to aircraft technical documents, regulatory publications and pilot operating handbooks,” said Oleg Zhoglo, ATP product manager. “The advantage of the HubConnect App is that subscribers to the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service can now access their content subscriptions out in the field, or in the cockpit, without requiring an Internet connection.”

Cessna also recently released its Citation Performance calculator to the Apple App Store, allowing pilots to utilize takeoff and landing data and determine engine-out performance, taking into consideration minimum climb gradients and user-inputted obstacles. Other apps released this year so far include iLog from Cockpit Apps, Pilot app from Garmin and Boeing's Milestones in Innovation.

The latest applications come at a good time for the general aviation community. September has been named General Aviation Appreciation Month in New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Alaska now Tennessee.

Bill Haslam, governor of Tennessee made the recent announcement and cite a Merge Global study, showing that general aviation generates $2.57 billion each year in economic activity for the state.

“Tennessee is home to 79 public-use airports that are utilized by more than 12,000 pilots," said Craig Fuller, president and CEO of the Aircraft Owners And Pilots Association. "The state’s airports and pilots are integral to keeping communities connected and allowing essential services and resources to reach businesses, charities, farms and other groups around the state. We look forward to working with Governor Haslam to continue to raise awareness about the value of general aviation airports and aircraft in Tennessee and around the nation.”

According to Craig Spence, secretary general of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations, general aviation's infrastructure accounts for $150 billion in annual contributions to the United States economy, supporting millions of jobs and providing helpful services during disasters and other times of need.

It is important all pilots in the general aviation community obtain pilot life insurance before taking to the skies.

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