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PilotMall extends discount for servicemembers

November 26, 2012, 01:56 pm

PilotMall.com, an internet pilot supply retailer, recently announced that it is extending its 10 percent military and veteran discount to former and active service members of the Civil Air Patrol and to volunteer public service flying organizations like individuals in the Air Care Alliance.

The company said the discount is available on most items, and pilots at the actual in-store locations need only to present qualifying identification at checkout to receive their discount. 

“As Hurricane Sandy has again proven, the emergency services operations of the Civil Air Patrol and public benefit flying of Air Care Alliance-type organizations bring recognition and goodwill to us in general aviation, just as their work brings air search and rescue, civil defense assets, free medical air transportation and relief supplies to those in need,” said Neil Glazer, PilotMall.com president.

PilotMall added that volunteer pilot organizations flew tons of emergency supplies into general aviation airports to help communities hit by the superstorm.

The discount is available to all current members of the Civil Air Patrol, including cadets, and any members of a volunteer public service flying organization including the Air Care Alliance. Those who were previously eligible include active duty and retired members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserve, and civilian employees of the Department of Defense.

Aircraft Spruce is also gearing up for the holiday shopping season. The company includes a wide selection of more than 80,000 products including portable GPS, pilot supplies, headsets, avionics, instruments, wheels, tires, oil, filters, books, DVDs and aviation software. Aircraft Spruce has three distribution centers in Corona, California; Peachtree City, Georgia; and Brantford, Ontario. Aircraft Spruce dealers are also located in 60 different countries throughout the world.

For the holiday shopping season, the company created a gift section in which products are separated by price including the segments under $50, $100, $200, $500, or over $500.

Sporty's also released its Gift Guide to help shoppers choosing a gift for pilots. The guide groups gifts into price range, similar to Aircraft Spruce, and skill level, such as student pilots, advanced pilots, aircraft owners and aviation enthusiasts.

The holidays often remind people how important family and friends are to them and serve as a good reminder as to how important pilot life insurance is. Anyone who has family members depending on them financially would greatly benefit from implementing an insurance plan into their financial planning.

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