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Bill Fanning and Randy Williams, started offering life insurance services to pilots in 1996 by attend major aviation events such as Oshkosh AirVenture, NBAA and the AOPA conventions. Randy and Bill have been active pilots since their teens and have over 80 years of combined aviation experience. In 1997, they transformed an established, successful traditional estate planning and life insurance agency into the Pilot Insurance Center, an agency specifically to provide life insurance for pilots.

With their combined insurance and aviation experience, they have built an agency that is able to navigate the issues that pilots of all experience levels face when applying for a life insurance policy. Not all insurers are friendly to aviation in their underwriting criteria. In fact, many carriers have significantly higher rates for some or even most pilot categories. The Pilot Insurance Center staff attends many of the major aviation trade shows where you can meet with us in person. Plan to stop and see us if you are attending one of these events.

Why should you let the Pilot Insurance Center be your life insurance agent?

  • Coverage from top rated insurers. The Pilot Insurance Center works closely with leading insurers to find and promote the best underwriting criteria for pilot life insurance coverage. This is full life insurance coverage highly rated companies. You will be covered for all of your present and future aviation activities.
  • We promise to keep your personal data absolutely private. We will not release your data to any other party other than for the purposes of obtaining your life insurance coverage. See our privacy policy.
  • Our guarantee to you. We want you to be completely satisfied. All policies contain a free look period of at least 10 days after the insured receives the policy during which the insured can return the policy to the insurer for any reason and receive a full refund of premium paid.
  • Our application process is quick and easy. We have developed a shorter and more streamlined process to make the application process convenient for you.
  • We make it easier for you. • Because we regularly monitor the top carriers for their aviation underwriting criteria we can quickly find the best coverage for your current aviation activities. We will guide you through the application process and underwriting process. You will have a dedicated life insurance advisor to communicate with and answer any of your questions.

Get a Quote now and see what savings the Pilot Insurance Center has for you!

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