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What are the Odds?

We insure our homes and our cars but what about your own future?

1 in 335

houses will have a fire each year.1

1 in 52

people will have an auto accident each year.2

1 in 1.4

people age 65 and older will need long-term care.3

It’s a fact that we’re all living longer today.

With the increase in life expectancy there is good chance that an unexpected accident or illness could significantly impact your quality of life—and the financial future you worked so hard to build.

I am so confident in this Refundable Long-Term Care insurance policy that I purchased a policy for myself. As I get older I know my family will not have to go through what I experienced with my aging parents. In today’s interest rate environment, this is an excellent choice to protect your assets against the high cost of elderly care. William Fanning President of Pilot Insurance Center

Statistics show that at least 70% of people will need some form of long-term care during their lifetime4, and its high cost can eat away at your retirement savings. Contrary to what you might think, Medicare will not cover those costs. The cost of that care can be expensive—currently around $91,000 per year depending on where you live and it is increasing with inflation by around 4% per year4.

However, by putting a financial strategy in place now you can protect what you've worked your whole life to save.

Planning now and securing your future with Long-Term Care insurance that suits your individual needs can give you financial confidence you can afford and the care you need when you need it most—with the dignity you deserve.

The benefits this insurance provides aren't just physical or financial; they're also psychological. Not being able care for yourself is difficult enough; and being dependent on others compounds the problem. Family members may find themselves wondering how to take care of you, especially when it becomes necessary for months or even years.

You can take control of your future now, before you need the care. You can preserve your capital, contain the costs, and smooth the transition into your golden years.

Consider Refundable Premium Long-Term Care Insurance as Your Solution

Why not find an insurance policy that provides both long-term care benefits as well as life insurance to suit your individual needs?

Not only do you get the Long-Term Care benefits, you also get a Life Insurance Benefit as well. Would you be interested in knowing that if you decide you no longer want the coverage, you could get up to 100% of your premiums, less any claims paid, refunded? All policy costs and benefits are set at issue and your rate will not change because of age, health or claims.

If you think about it there are 3 things that can happen over your lifetime:

  1. You can live to your statistical life expectancy
  2. You can live beyond your statistical life expectancy, or
  3. You could die prematurely

In the first two examples above, you could need some form of insurance for long-term care.

Should you die and not need care the policy would then pay your designated beneficiary a tax-free death benefit.

But there actually is another option. What if you change your mind 10 or 15 years from now and decide you no longer want the coverage? Maybe you have other funds to pay for your long-term care or you need the money to pay for living expenses. Would you like having a Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance policy which could refund all your premiums if you surrender it?

Why not have an insurance policy that helps covers your long-term care needs and preserves your principal?

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What Is Your Plan For Long-Term Care?

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A Shopper's Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

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