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New brakes poised to make certain Lancair models safer

July 22, 2011, 03:52 pm

New, higher-capacity brakes recently introduced by Beringer Wheels and Brakes are set to make Lancair 320, 360 and Legacies safer. The new brake system includes wheels, calipers and pads that are larger and longer-lasting, and are expected to improve on both performance and longevity.

"This system improves on the excellent results of the original Beringer Lancair system," chief designer Remi Beringer said. "When the entire system also includes the ALIR unit, it will also shorten the stopping distance."

The ALIR unit is an advanced anti-skid system also offered by the company. The wheels offered by Beringer include a tubeless tire design, high-strength aluminum axles and sealed lifetime ball bearings. The system saves on weight, lowers temperature buildup and reduces the risk of tire blowouts. The entire two-wheel ensemble will save pilots between six and nine pounds, depending on the specific plane and tires.

Safety is always a major concern for general aviation, and aircraft owners are well aware that life insurance for pilots is a necessity. According to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, there were 267 fatal plane accidents in the United States in 2010, resulting in 453 deaths.

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