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Two new training devices by Precision Flight Controls

August 10, 2012, 12:35 pm

Precision Flight Controls recently released two products at the Experimental Aviation Association's AirVenture: the advanced training device known as the CRX-MAX, which is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Glass Trainer, which is pending FAA approval.

“Each year we try to bring new cost-effective technologies to market, and this year we are excited to introduce our new CRX-MAX Flight Simulator and GT (Glass Trainer),” said Mike Altman, CEO and president. “What makes these products so unique is that they both utilize real Garmin training software. The CRX-MAX utilizes the Garmin GNS530W training software, while the GT utilizes the Garmin G1000 training software.”

The Glass Trainer includes all of Garmin's advanced and basic features including Synthetic Vision Technology, Flight Charts and SafeTaxi. The Glass Trainer has two configuration options, an FAA-approved AATD desktop version with Cirrus II Flight Console or a GT module with a joystick. In addition, the AATD desktop version will feature two options for outside visuals, including a single-screen visual or a three-screen visual with a panoramic view.

The CRX-MAX has a starting price of $49,995 and comes with Garmin's GNS530W training software, along with a full cockpit enclosure with a 225-degree visual system. Other features include a fleet of single and multi-engine aircraft, a worldwide navigational and graphic data base, instructor's station, designed to efficiently and safely operate in a small space and is PilotEdge ready.

Precision Flight Controls was not the only company making announcements in technology for the aviation community. Sporty's recently updated its Flying the Aspen Evolution program by adding Evolution Synthetic Vision displayed on the PFD and MFD. This includes three-dimensional terrain and obstacles, distance line and range markers, dynamic traffic display, unusual attitude guidance and the versatile flight path marker.

“Now that thousands of general aviation pilots have upgraded their panels with Aspen, this video will help them use all the features and benefits Aspen offers,” said Eric Radtke, Sporty’s Academy president. “We go beyond the meat and potatoes of using this equipment. We like to provide insights and tips that might have taken a user a dozen flight hours to learn."

The program is available through DVD format, as an application for smartphones and tablets, and as a software download for $31.95 at Sportys.com.

Before buying the nearly $50,000 CRX-MAX, Glass Trainer or updated $31.95 Flying the Aspen Evolution, pilots should look into pilot life insurance - a purchase worth investing in.

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