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Planes offer luxurious experiences

March 7, 2012, 01:34 pm

Elite Aviation recently announced its new Elite Attache program, a service that puts the world at customers' fingertips, allowing travelers to experience anything they can imagine while on their trip.

Chris Holifield, president and CEO of Elite Aviation, said the Elite Attache service redefines the way customers search for the extraordinary. The program's personnel are confidential personal shoppers for customers, connecting them to the world's most prestigious goods, services and events. The unique service has no limits and aims to leave all clients fully satisfied.

Elite Attache works to fulfill every traveler's dreams and wishes. The program was designed for passengers with extravagant tastes and a need for the refined things in life. The program fosters a one-on-one relationship between customer and company representative. The personnel hand-select hotels, restaurants, travel, shopping and other services that would best suit the needs and desires of each individual client. The service is available 24/7, offering unparalleled personal attention and offerings.

"With Elite Attache the sky is no longer the limit, and a world of incredible experiences is at your fingertips," said Holifield. "Elite Attache sets a new standard for opulence and one-of-a-kind happenings."

Experiences with the Elite Attache program include VIP entertainment packages, world-renowned dining experiences, out-of-this-world extreme sports and designer fashion from around the world. The company aims to surpass all expectations and leave nothing to be desired by the customer. Through its vast connections, Elite Aviation promises to provide anything on request to keep customers happy.

While luxurious travel can sweep customers off their feet, pilots must make sure all their bases are covered before taking to the skies. Investing in pilot insurance can ensure the safety of passengers on basic flights to the most extravagant trips.

Also working to keep even the pickiest of customers pleased, IFE Services will be showcasing its latest range of in-flight entertainment solutions at the Aviation Outlook next month. The new solutions are designed for embedded, wireless and portable systems in aviation transport.

At the event, aviation executives will discuss the challenges of the current operating environment and develop innovative solutions to drive growth and expand the industry. IFE will present its cost-effective in-flight entertainment strategies including wireless TV and audio packages, safety films, entertainment guides and GUI designs. The company has also developed choices of portable, handheld solutions such as PSP, iPad and other tablet devices.

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