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FLYING Magazine, "Unraveling Life Insurance For Pilots"

Buying life insurance is usually a confusing and unnecessarily expensive prospect for pilots. But the two pilots who founded and own the Pilot Insurance Center have made great strides in convincing major companies that pilots are, in fact, a good risk.
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AVweb, "A Pilot's Painless Journey Into Buying Life Insurance"

Life-insurance coverage is often one of the last things pilots consider. One reason is that the time and hassle involved in applying for coverage is too great. AVweb's Jeb Burnside recently went through the surprisingly painless process with the Pilot Insurance Center. - Read More

Aviation International News, "Hanger Flying"

Someone I used to know - a father and general aviation pilot - questioned why he needed life insurance, because, quote, "I won't be around to enjoy it." He could well afford it, but apparently his survivors' welfare didn't warrant the few bucks a month a policy would cost... - Read More

Private Pilot Magazine, "Insuring a Pilot�s Life"

The problem with getting life insurance as a pilot stems from the notion shared by life underwriters that insuring risky lifestyles is bad business and that aviators naturally participate in a risky lifestyle... - Read More

Plane & Pilot, "Check The Fine Print"

In a follow-up to the article we did in 1999 about the fun of shopping for a life insurance policy that doesn't discriminate against pilots, we shopped rates again this year... - Read More

In Flight USA, "What You May Not Know about Your Current Policy"

Let's face it. Buying life insurance is about as much fun as taking a check ride.... - Read More

MAPA Log, "Life Insurance"

I've been shopping for new life insurance for nearly six months when I came across this company... - Read More

Plane & Pilot, "You Bet Your Life!"

I learned that knowing your way around the cockpit doesn't mean you know how to buy life insurance... - Read More, "Why do pilots pay more for life insurance?"

For as long as anyone can remember, pilots have often faced stiff premium surcharges and aviation exclusion clauses. - Read More, "Do You Fly Naked?"

Don't laugh. Surprisingly, there are more and more pilots flying naked every day. - Read More

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