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New aviation opportunities for international students

April 2, 2012, 04:36 pm

Airbus recently launched the Fly Your Ideas initiative at the Going Global international education conference that gave aviation students the chance to submit concepts that could be implemented in the airline transport industry. At the conference, aviation students networked with business leaders and industry experts as they learned about the latest advancements and technologies connecting the international aviation environment.

The Fly Your Ideas program is part of Airbus's sustainability program that aims to find an alternative fuel source and other energy efficient technologies for aviation by 2050. For the competition, Airbus is encouraging students to think outside the box on how to leverage emerging technologies to improve the global aviation industry.

The Fly Your Ideas competition will focus on six key issues in the air transport industry, attracting students from all over the world to submit their ideas for the future of aviation with focus on ecologically friendly concepts. The students can address one of six topics: Affordable growth, efficiency, energy, community friendliness, passenger experience and traffic growth. Teams of three to five students may work on a single concept before submitting it to a panel of aviation expert judges in September.

"The experience of taking part in the project is priceless,’ said Lee Parnell from carbon fibre tube manufacturer, Langtec. "It will allow students to develop and lead their ideas from conception to production with lots of practical advice available along the way."

Parnell added the Fly Your Idea project aims to allow aviation students to showcase their skills and talents to prospective employers through creative submissions for technological advancement. Airbus, as well as other aviation companies all over the world, offer internships to help students gain valuable experience in the industry. The winners of the competition will not only have access to these internships but will also receive a monetary prize. The event will attract a broad spectrum of talented students to encourage global collaboration and innovative thinking. The challenges of the future can be met today with young, talented aviation enthusiasts.

As aviation students work to bring about changes for tomorrow, many academies are implementing new technology today to improve their training. The Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Technology in Deccan, for example, recently announced it will be receiving two new aircrafts and one new hangar to increase its fleet size from six to eight, the Deccan Chronicle reported.

To ensure pilots travel safely with ever-evolving technology, pilots are encouraged to invest in pilot insurance to keep the skies safe.

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