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"This whole thing was my wife's idea. We have very little debt, lots of assets, income from rentals, pensions, etc. I thought that for folks our age in our position it was silly to think about life insurance.

BUT I saw the PIC ad many times on AOPA emails and decided to call.

The process was painless, efficient and the policy was attractively priced. I was actually very impressed with how you kept up in the loop and got the paperwork taken care of.

So, from someone who was sort of dragged into the process, Thanks for making my wife happy."

Peter D.

"Dear PIC life, I had a policy ready to go and thought I could get a better deal somewhere else. I was wrong. I have looked for a better deal for the last several months and have not been able to find a better deal. I would like to know if you can reopen my file."

Clinton R.

"I tried to purchase life insurance from several other companies but could not get the policy that was promised until I found the Pilot Insurance Center."

Mike M., Editor of Plane & Pilot Magazine

"I would like to add my name to your list of very thankful and happy clients....I read an ad in my AOPA Pilot Magazine about other pilots who had applied for insurance with other companies based on teaser rates in some aviation publication only to find out later that the "real" insurance premium was far higher. I went though several frustrating episodes of that exact nature....including the time wasted filling out forms and having several different physical exams. It was maddening.

After getting the run around from several other highly advertised insurance companies, you and your firm came through exactly as advertised, on time and budget, and very professionally, which I truly appreciate.

As a very busy Realtor, I know the value of referrals; I will be referring all of my contacts to you, especially friends who are pilots like me. Thanks to PIC."

Patrick W

"Buying insurance is like going to the dentist...not something you enjoy doing! For almost a year, my attorney and partner told me of this need. I contacted several insurance people who promised but never came through with what I needed or was willing to pay. Yes, it always comes down to bucks. As owner pilots, we seem never to be fazed on the cost of operating an aircraft but money for insurance is another matter.

You told me verbally over the phone that I could obtain the policy that I needed as preferred risk and you delivered with absolutely no hassle on time and cheaper than originally quoted. Doing business with you is better than going to the dentist.

I will give your name to other business pilot well deserve the recommendation. Someday I will pass Addison or you will pass Pittsfield, and we will meet. Thank you again."

Kenneth N.

"Thanks for your assistance in this matter, and good fortune in the future. I have only praise for the level of service and attention I have received, and will be a vocal salesman of your company in the years to come."

Daniel R.

"The transaction was easy and quick. They took my application over the phone and I had it the next day. I was so pleased I referred them to all of the pilots in my flight department."

Fred Z., Manager of Aviation Services

"It was a struggle finding quality insurance at a reasonable price, especially as a student pilot. I called the Pilot Insurance Center and they delivered a policy just as they quoted and it was easy. I would recommend them without reservation."

Dan W., President, Interlink Recruiting

"Flying for the Air Force Reserves as a boom operator doing in-flight refueling as well as flying an experimental aircraft was making it very difficult to get life insurance at an affordable rate. The Pilot Insurance Center not only got me coverage for the flying I'm doing, but got me a preferred rate as well."

Steve H., Air Force Reserves and RV-4 Pilot.

"I fly general aviation for pleasure in addition to being a DC-10 captain and many of our pilots are clients of PIC because they are exceptionally responsive and offer excellent coverage at a great rate."

Floyd M., DC-10 Captain for a major overnight delivery service

"Recently I conducted my own insurance review and found that I was in need of additional coverage. As a 52 year old pilot, I was concerned about having to buy a policy that was greatly encumbered with exclusions. That's when I went on the Internet and tried to find a company that knew aviation and understood how to write a policy for a pilot. There are several good insurance companies that are responsive to your needs as a pilot. However, one stood out among the rest. The Pilot Insurance Center seemed to be the most intuitive about my needs. They bent over backwards to help me get the policy I wanted and made it so easy. In addition, they were able to save me some money. Also, they were able to write a good policy for my wife, even though she is not a pilot."

Hal C., 747 First Officer and Cessna 210 owner

"Mostly I write property and casualty insurance for the trucking industry. Being an insurance agent, I didn't really think it would be a problem finding a company to write life insurance for a low-time pilot. However, much to my surprise, it was tough to get a hold of a company that even understood my situation let alone provide a quote. My advice to low time pilots, or pilots who fly only occasionally, is to find an insurance company that speaks your language. Not many companies understand aviation and will attempt to write a policy that will often include an aviation exclusion and charge outrageous premiums. I also feel it is important to work with an agent that is a pilot, because they usually understand the process and nuances of underwriting for a pilot. The really good companies don't waste your time. They are competitive and chances are they can save you money."

Alan H., Insurance Executive and Private Pilot

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